Try as you may, you can never piece together something broken exactly the way as it was.

Once broken, it'll never be the same.

Then again, if you try hard enough, once in a while it might turn into something beautiful - different, but beautiful.

So beautiful that you can't help but wonder: Is this even real?

Even if something amazing can come of those broken pieces, most often than not, you wouldn't dare to embrace it, coz it's too good to be true, it looks so delicate and fragile that you dare not sneeze, lest it be blown into pieces, again.

No matter how much you appreciate it, you're constantly tiptoeing around it, expecting it to dissolve any minute like an illusion.

Once broken, it'll never be the same again.

Yet sometimes, we got to have a little faith.

I can't say that it never fails, it might as well break into a million pieces again, but it's a risk we must take to reap the reward.

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