The Lost Hero

Now reading:"The Heroes of Olympus, Book One: The Lost Hero" by Rick Riordan

Haven't read much fantasy lately, been reading John Grisham's crime novels and Sara Shepard's "Pretty Little Liars (Book 1)". Not that those books are not good, but it's never the kind of page turner like fantasy novels do to me. I started to read "Pretty Little Liars" becoz the TV series is kinda cool, loads of mysteries and puzzles, more like a crime thriller, but the book it based on is quite a disappointment, a bit boring, more like typical high school chic clique sort of thing ╮(╯ ^ ╰)╭

So I turned to "The Lost Hero" before finishing "Pretty Little Liars", and instantly felt the magic kicking in ♪(≧∀≦)

Percy Jackson is still my fave hero (demigod), but the whole Percy Jackson saga centers around him anyway, "The Lost Hero" is a bit different. For sure Jason is the protagonist, and there's much to learn about him, but I also like Piper McLean, daughter of Aphrodite the love god, who is anti-Barbie and smart, unlike her other half sisters; yet Leo Valdez is the one who stands out. He's definitely smart and good with his hands, he has a special ability too, a very rare one. He's the living proof that heroes could do great even they are children of minor gods, not the Big Three.

Rick Riordan finally created someone who have so much character like Leo and Piper, someone who bear no resemblance to the Harry Potter Trio. I mean, Annabeth and Grover are great, but a clever know-it-all female protagonist plus a clumsy sidekick? Hello, ring any bells?

I'm only 1/3 way through the book, but am already loving it, and I'm pretty certain some great adventures are lying ahead. Way to go Rick Riordan!