It's none of my business really, but still......I was shell-shocked when I learned that Sarah Lane has divorced Brendan Moran. ( ̄□ ̄; )!!!!

Ok, they're not really celebrity, just some tech TV hosts, we haven't even talked/ emailed/ text messaged/ IMed before……but I totally like "The Traveling Newlyweds" podcast they produced and the journals they wrote. It's like I've got to know them through their journeys.

Isn't it sweet? the idea of a 1-year-long-round-the-world-honeymoon?

I soooo envy Sarah and Brendan Moran ヾ(●´▽`●)ノ You may call it nonconformist behavior to quit their jobs, stuff their backpacks then head out in search of the meaning of life, but they're not weighed down by the troubles of everyday life, and lived life to the full, you gotta give them that.

How many of us could pluck up the courage to do such things? No, we're either too young to do so, or, when we're old enough, there's always something else that tops our agenda -- something more pragmatic than exploring and experiencing the beauties of the earth; and when we're finally released from those commitments, we're already too old for adventures.

That's what I liked about the Morans (or should I say, the ex-Morans?). They're free-spirited, they valued the meaning of life, and preferred living in the moment.

Of course I realise that divorce rate is rocket high these days, yet I used to believe that once you've toured around the world with another person for a whole year, have gone through so much with that person, shared laughter and tears, embraced exotic cultures together......that nothing, except death, could do them part.......well, at least not one year after they came back from that memorable journey!

I just couldn't imagine what could possibly tear them apart after such an awesome and amazing experience......

Sarah deleted their travel podcast and Brendan's journals once and for all, it's like, she's not only shutting him out of her life, denying their marriage and time spent together, but to erase any evidence of his presence as if he'd never existed!!! What on earth has happened?!

I'm not judging anyone here, Sarah might well be the victim of this marriage, who knows? She's just making a choice that's best for her, and there's nothing wrong with that. All I'm saying is just that I couldn't bear to deny the memories my loved one and I shared, no matter how painful it ends......what are we, if we deny who we were yesterday?