domestic violence?!

When I first read Elyse's LiveJournal in the dead of night, saying that she was abused by Marty, her (ex)boyfriend, I thought it's just another joke, coz there's a sense of humor in there (in a sarcastic way as always)...oh wait, what's it with her arm covered in bruises? So......it's true? The whole "my ex-boyfriend got shitfaced and roughed me up in a Sacramento hotel. I escaped from the room through a blitzkrieg of violence and talked to hotel security, who called the fuzz." thing actually happened?

I'm utterly shocked!

And Marty actually has the nerve to tell the cops PRESS CHARGES OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AGAINST Elyse?!simply because he had a bite mark on his arm, inflicted in self-defense?!That's insane! What a jerk!

Violence against women is the one thing that I despise most. How low could a man be to physically abuse someone he loves (or so he claims)?!

I was so sorry for Elyse. Being abused by someone you loved and trusted, and then being accused of domestic violence by the very same person who beat you up? That betrayal alone hurts far worse than any physical injuries. I couldn't imagine what a hard time she's having, all that I know is that it takes a really tough person to handle it so well -- fought back, refused to remain silent, dumped the guy who did not cherish, or even respect her in the least.

No one deserves to be abused, if you're in such a relationship, dump him and don't look back, he simply doesn't deserve you.