New Year Resolutions

Every year, on 1st Jan, I'd draft my "New Year Resolutions".

Rather than acting as objectives that I'd like to achieve in the coming year, my "New Year Resolutions" are more like an annual review of what I ought to have done over the past year -- what I planned to do but failed to put in action.

Well, looking back at last year's "New Year Resolutions", I figure out that I want pretty much the same things for this year, only that I gotta take better care of myself. Going through all that rare disease, antibiotic treatment and surgery stuff......I don't know, if there's anything that could make me live a healthier life, this is it.

So, just a few minor adjustments:

1) Quit procrastinating;
2) Better time management;
3) Stick to my deadlines;
4) Write at regular intervals;
5) Finish refining and renewing all fictions;
6) Enter a new journal entry every day;
7) Exercise;
8) Eat a healthier diet for the sake of my immune system;
9) Travel more;
10) Renovate my condo.

It's time to move on.